Why Sleep Is So Powerful For Mental Health

In this fast-paced Western culture, we are constantly connected and accessible, data comes to us regularly and the desire grows for us to react in a flash. Given this, there is an evolutionary requirement that we must work at a "normal" or "appropriate" level in terms of psychological well-being, but at an "ideal" level.


Ideal methods We work rationally, internally, physically and deeply at the most important levels so that we are ready to adapt well to the demands of life. If we work at the imperfect level, it is much more difficult for us to fulfill the essence of life's abilities.

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So how can we ensure that our prosperity and well-being are as they should be?


An essential factor for mental well-being and long-term health is the guarantee that we have a good rest for 7 to 9 hours each night.




Rest fixes the body. This has a positive effect on your intellectual way of working the following days and the following days. At the point where we rest, we doze for 60 and a half hours. During this time, we shuttle between a deep rupture (supposed delta), in which the body is fixed, and the easier REM break.




SEM (rapid eye development) pauses or lighter pauses move data from your transient memory to your long-term memory. This encourages you to be more likely to regularly consult the data you keep. During this REM rest phase, your eyes quickly move from side to side (hence the name) and your dream.




The ability to go to bed at the right time (preferably at 10 pm) and find the perfect level of calm each night keeps your daily rhythm under control. Your daily rhythm is your normal body clock, which shows you when it's the perfect opportunity to rest and when it's the ideal opportunity for you to wake up. The conception of professional movements (in particular night shifts) can break out of parity, which can have a significant impact on your psychological and physical well-being as well as on your intestinal health.


If you don't get good quality rest, it means that, unlike mindfulness and independence during the day, you may be tired, lazy, and unable to center yourself during a critical period. When you sleep at night, you may feel "exhausted and wired" (which means that your body is physically exhausted, but your brain is very alert and you will not be able to rest that way).


Melatonin, the hormone that prepares your body for recovery, and serotonin (your alarm hormone) must be balanced so that you can work better. This implies that melatonin usually occurs around 9:00 am (so you can rest) until around 7:00 am when serotonin is released to take you throughout the day. By the time this melatonin-serotonin cycle is balanced, you are completely alert during the day and weak at night (when you have to). So this means that you are showing signs or improved nighttime sleep.


Immune Booster


So think about the intensity or your rest when there is no chance that you will appreciate your well-being and prosperity. Good quality of relaxation not only means that we work all the better, but also supports our insensitive framework conditions and helps us to fight against infections and various diseases that we would all achieve more effectively with a level of calm and nature. below average.


In this way, rest is one of the basic conditions for amazing well-being and prosperity. Without it, we can work under normal conditions after a while and open up to deep endless conditions, for example, ME, a ceaseless weakness disorder or fibromyalgia. These conditions can be disabling and if they are not subject to strict constraints, they can be linked to the bed or a wheelchair.


An important way to take care of your long-term psychological well-being is to make sure that you get your 7-9 hours and fall asleep at the right time to increase your chances or getting a good night's sleep.