Does an Erect Penis Like Vitamin D?

There are several variables related to the assessment of penile well-being, such as the condition of the skin of the penis and the appearance or non-appearance of signs indicating explicitly transmitted diseases. Another intriguing area that affects the well-being of the penis is the state of the erect penis. How often are erections generous, how tight are they, etc.? To the point where an erectile penis misses the target in terms of its goals, men need to figure out how to deal with this fact, and specialists can suggest several alternatives depending on what they see as the reason for the erectile Accept the problem. A belatedly distributed study focused on nutrient D as a possible factor in the well-being of an erect penis.


The Study


The study was carried out in Italy under the title "Nutrient D and male sexual function: a cross-sectional and longitudinal study" and published in the International Journal of Endocrinology. The researchers started from the desire to clarify the influence of nutrient D on sexual well-being.


As the experts point out, "erection is a confusing miracle ... many clinical variables can affect erectile capacity ... Later clinical trials have recommended that low levels of nutrients D be linked in some way or 'another to the event of sexual disturbances. influences may be linked, in particular, erectile frailty. "


Scientists examined the medical records of 114 who had had penis problems in recent years. Or these 114 men, they found 41 who had received some sort or D nutrient treatment. The treatment included supplementing D nutrients from 50,000 to 100,000 units; some got it week after week, some for a while, and some consistently.


By examining the set of 114, they found that those who had higher levels of D nutrients and also had higher testosterone levels and erectile scores (although they can certainly have an erect penis)).


By focusing on the subgroup of people who were treated with nutrient D, there was a marked increase in testosterone after supplementation with nutrient D, unlike before. There was also an expansion in the achievement of their erectile capacity.


Why nutrient D


If nutrient D undoubtedly improves the well-being of the erect penis (and other research should prove it), what explanation could this have? Some have been suggested regardless of all the characteristics or a link between nutrients and access to testosterone. For example, nutrient prevents oxidative pressure which can secure endothelial cells along these lines, which could positively affect erections. A low nutrient content or D is also regularly associated with cardiovascular problems, which can also affect erectile well-being.


There can be many components that affect a man's erect penis. sufficient D nutrients are probably just one of the many highlights. However, one who is not satisfied with their erect penis may need to ask their PCP to take a look at their D nutritional levels while talking about this problem and check if some supplements can all be together.

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