The Causes For Low Testosterone Levels

Low testosterone levels in people can affect their lives and cause many problems. Testosterone is a major hormone responsible for the male reproductive system, its usefulness and the formation of sperm. Also, testosterone is responsible for the male solid structure, muscle building and bone building in your body. In this article, I will learn some of the basics of the problem, you might think it is helpful.


Similar to women, menopause also occurs in men, only for them, it is called "andropause". In their andropause, people generally experience the negative effects or low testosterone levels that affect their sexual coexistence and their overall quality. It has a variety of reasons and it is difficult to know the reason for a particular man. One reason is a possible problem with the degree of the nerve center or pituitary gland. Another possible explanation is that the organs responsible for producing testosterone are not working well and are not responding to the mind as they should.

If the problem lies in the organs (which do not release testosterone as they should), there are practically no basic causes like:


  1. Be subjected to radiation therapy or chemotherapy. In this situation, testosterone levels may return to normal over time, but this is not guaranteed.


  1. Klinefelter disorder In this situation, the male has an additional X chromosome, which results, among other things, was in an irregular test.


  1. As we age, the body produces less testosterone because Mother Nature discovers that we usually carry young people around the world when we are young. Therefore, we never need a high level of testosterone again if we are more experienced and the body saves vitality by doing less and saving vitality for different things. In general, there is nothing we can do but make improvements that try to mislead testosterone levels.


  1. Inflammation-irritation tests can cause many problems, including low levels or testosterone. To prevent this from happening, you can get vaccinated.


  1. Damaged gonads, this is completely normal. Many are born with missing tests that have failed to exit the stomach as expected (in the first or first two years). Occasionally, medical intervention is the best way to remedy the situation. The lifetime could have damaged the bullets and the damage is regularly irreversible. Another option is whether the gonads were damaged in adolescence or much later. Typically, a damaged gonad does not cause low testosterone levels, unlike two damaged tests. This is the reason why competitors and fighters place a high value on securing their "benefits" and securing their people.

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