Sharpen Memory Skills to Sharpen the Mind

You do not have to be distracted. You don't have to live with a bad memory. The terrible memory is not something you were born with and you can not change. Fortunately, you can refine memory skills to refine the brain. You can significantly improve storage by using critical storage devices.


Familiarize yourself with these important memory tools to refine the psyche and improve memory.


  1. A good memory is a consequence of important mental ties. In Mind Management, you associate the new with banality so that you can review the new data as you link it to old data that you know or will remember.
    1. Representation is another important storage device you can use to sharpen your psyche. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and words usually cannot do justice to the picture. If you can imagine something inside, your memory gradually becomes clear and you will retain that memory for longer.


    1. Being innovative and inventive is an indispensable resource for a great memory. The explanation is that one can imagine absurd mental attachments with an inventive personality. The more your psychic affiliations are ridiculous, the more they will be remembered. You can discover how to become more innovative and innovative through more practice. No matter how long you think of something remarkable, you can create strange mental bonds that you will not forget without effort.


    1. The human personality has an extraordinary limit in terms of data capacity. We spent only about 10% of the additional space. To gather a wealth of data and restore stored data, you must carefully and methodically organize the data inside yourself. The brain looks like a file organizer in which you store various types of data that are identified by different classifications or headings.


    When your brain receives the data for the first time, it's written to your transient touch memory. At the end of the day, the data turns out to be a temporary memory. If nothing is done, it will soon be ignored. To be able to retrieve it, in that sense, have the option of recalling it later, you will have to deal with this data, and here all the basic storage tools may become the most important factor.


    You can link the new data (the current moment) with something that you know for sure. You can imagine what the data will look like inside you. You can use your creative mind to make the picture as conspicuous as it is crazy for it to be remembered. and you sort it into your psychological file organizer for consistent recovery. All you need is data redundancy with all major storage devices to refine storage capabilities. Redundancy makes it possible to move the current memory to the remote memory.


    In any case, the process of regrouping and remembering may not be as simple and straightforward as you wish: there may be obstacles to preventing the process. These barriers include disruption, lack of center, lack of inspiration and stress.


    The will is strong, but the brain is fragile. You need to remember the data, but it can lead to interruptions, such as problems in your environment, your memory or something else before, or your psychological distraction from something later. If you can not concentrate on remembering it, or if you are not inspired to remember it (that is, if you think that this is not unduly important to you), the capture process will not succeed regardless of the redundancy his. Even worse, when you're under pressure, your mind won't be able to effectively use important storage devices to improve memory skills and refine your psyche.


    Finally, refine your memory skills to improve memory. You can do it!