How To Bulk Up Fast Without Losing Your Abs

As a slim person, you are probably very pleased with your normally low muscle-to-fat ratio and your extraordinary disposition of well-defined abdominal muscles.


Anyway, it would be great to gain a few extra pounds, right? Think of how each of these young women's heads turns when you walk them along the shore, solid and torn from washboard belly.


The only problem is that the construction is not so simple. The biggest danger you face is adding a few pounds of fat in addition to the extra muscle, causing you to lose those precious abs.


Usually, you would stay with your spell ... that is, build and collapse later without being sure you get your six-pack back.


In any case, thanks to a better understanding of how our body stores fat, there are certain procedures that you can use to spice things up quickly without losing your abs.

Shorten your bulking cycles


One serious confusion that many skinny people make, and one of the main reasons why they lose their abdominal muscles, is essential that their build phase is too long.


If you saw critical muscle gains at the start of a construction phase, just to see how these gains subside and balance, at this point, you have seen the effects of a long construction phase.


Usually, when these muscles swell, they begin to break down the stages of fat addition. Why should you stay longer if you are unable to gain weight?


If you shorten your cycle, you can spice things up faster without having a big belly.


Take the time to eat your meals for maximum impact


Eating the right supplements is imperative to avoid losing your abs while you are building.


Equally important is the need to plan your dinners appropriately. Eating at an inappropriate time destroys your hard work and greatly increases the likelihood of adding fat.


The windows before and after training are THE most important dinners for building muscle and limiting fat gain. It is best to consume large amounts of carbohydrates before exercise, while proteins consumed immediately are better after exercise, as they are now easier to use.


The rest of your dinner should be distributed similarly to keep your metabolic rate predictable and strategically away from peaks and troughs in your glucose levels which contribute to fatty and sweet cravings.


Increase the anabolic power of the body


Research has shown that the build-up of muscle building hormones is higher after 14 days, which means that after this period, your body is continually less productive in building muscle, which results in the increased intake. fat, because the amount of calories is distributed more in fat stores than muscles.


This brings us back to the main point of shortening your construction phases to around a fortnight. You can plan seven days of cutting and then reheat the process.


This way you can increase and benefit from your body's normal ability to produce these basic hormones for muscle building so that most people can dream about (they regularly use trash hormone supplements and other gibberish. )