Why do some people eat fast food and not gain weight?

Have you ever seen a few people consistently eat cheaply without taking a pound? Also, they don't only have a little something, but they also get double Whoppers, Supersized Fries and huge Frostys (claimed by Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy with respect).


In short, why don't you take it? Why don't you get sick?


All in all, they are. We simply don't see the situation in the long run. These fast foods are pressed with artificial plastics, sugar, and nutrients. Incredibly little or what they sell in a cheap seal is food.


Damn, the McDonald's French Rotisserie has more than 10 preparations in its own right. It takes only 2 to make them at home (unless they contain salt, at this time it's 3). They try to wrap it up in beautiful language, for example, "common". Arsenic is fairly regular, as is uranium. If you need to specialize, everything is normal, because sooner or later it comes from nature.


Since things are the way they are, why does it affect some people more than others? All in all, the general population, about which they have no influence, is younger and has a higher vitality yield. In essence, they are young and dynamic. They still contain deadly synthetic mixtures, plenty of sugar and artificially treated waste. They lose their livelihood,  being young their bodies are better suited to miss a good opportunity. Your cells are not yet saturated with poisons, so they can save more. Your pancreas is still sucking up huge amounts of insulin and is not yet exhausted. Because of the higher vitality, sugar is consumed and not stored.


The frames attached to their stomachs are still being repaired quickly so they will not feel the damage inflicted on them by the terrible food. They do not understand that all these garb tears them separately.


Anyway, he wants to be in the right mood. Give it a short time, months, or years, and this trend to cheap food will start to wear itself out on the rag. You can save as many poisons. You can simply aspirate enough insulin before you break.


Like a vehicle, if you dump garbage, it will soon come to a standstill.


In any case, if they stopped earlier, they would live longer , look younger, be more vital and simply soothing.


I look at more experienced people who have prepared the food quickly. The ones in their forties. They quickly realize that something is wrong when they eat cheap food because their body knows it's a poisonous substance. Your bodies are now at the limit.


Those who do not gain will come. Do not try to be diligent and do not follow their paths. Stay healthy!

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