Good News - High Metabolism Exercise May Help You Prevent Cancer

Further surveys have shown that vigorous physical activity reduces the risk of disease by more than half. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine Finnish people followed their movements every week for a long time. They found that the higher the activity potency, the lower the risk of malignant growth.

This is the main idea to consider the link between driving power and malignant growth. So, how can you exploit this link between high performance or digestive activity and reduce your risk or malignant growth? You don't have to be a first-class competitor or a person at a fitness center. You start where you are.


If anything you can do is unlikely to leave, go faster and if you have the opportunity to exercise, do it as fast and as hard as you can, for a while. from 30 seconds to 90 seconds, rest for a few minutes and start again. You start by simply estimating the number of layoffs you have made, the time you will need to complete the training, and then gradually increase it. In a few seconds, you will find it easier for you to carry out your activities and you can move faster, use loads, and so on.


Indeed, you should only practice 7 to 15 minutes a day. During this time, you prepare your body for higher digestion, increase the lung limit, increase the quality of the heart and improve fillability. Divine goodness, you'd better believe you're going to eat fat for as long as 24 hours after finishing your workout. You must understand that oxygen is your key element for well-being and longevity. The more oxygen you use, the better your resilience, the better your protection against malignant growth and the more vital you are.


Most Americans make mill barrels the activity that consumes oxygen. Effective consequences without oxygen This is a long period that prevents you from regularly reaching your abilities and never exposing your body to oxygen. As a result, those who accept this lie about the years have more interference, a reduced lung line, a narrower heart and a prolonged injection for malignant growth, heart disease, and more established skin. We are also a large public of usual thugs, whose only practice is to go to the mailbox.


To illustrate my point, take a look at the contrast between an ordinary sprinter and a person who walks between 5 and 15 miles. If in doubt, the Sprinter will have a better muscle definition, less fat, a higher lung limit, and a higher blood oxygen level. Anyone who aspires to wellness should aim to achieve the increased ability to promote calorie burning already these days. It only takes 7 to 12 minutes and should be possible at home without buying equipment. You enjoy it by ...


* Higher oxygen content in your blood


* Better health


* Higher metabolism


* Less fat


Here is a brief description of what you can do today ...


Level 1: Take 30 to 60 seconds and use your money as fast as you can here and there. (You should gasp a little)


Step 2: Rest for 1 to 2 minutes and take it through your nose and mouth.


Warm-up phase 1


Warm-up phase 2


Warm-up phase 1


Warm-up phase 2


The process described above takes between 6 and 10 minutes and you get the benefits mentioned above. Start each activity in moderation by increasing the performance, the time per game, and the number of games you play. In the model above, you can also support loads from the lower leg or put a bottle of water in each hand.


Unfortunately, in our modern world, low levels of oxygen are normal in our cells. We are a country of habits. When we exercise, it is usually cardiovascular and heart stimulating exercises. However, they do not increase your oxygen levels enough. To increase your oxygen level, you have to work hard. To learn how to stimulate your digestion and quickly consume your fat, visit Doctor's 14-day weight loss program.

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